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Mobile-based AI Online Exam

Proctoring Service

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Start Automated Proctoring with Proctormatic.

Discover our AI video analysis technology, easily accessible to both administrators and test-takers.

Quick Setup

The administrators set up proctoring sessions in just 3 minutes after entering basic information.


AI-guided Exam

The test-takers join and finish the proctored session using the Proctormatic app, following the guidelines provided by an AI proctor.


Cheating detection

The AI proctor detects suspicious behaviors and cheating. Proctormatic will send an analysis report to the administrator after the exam.


Why Proctormatic?

A mobile-based online exam proctoring solution, Proctormatic, has been launched to address the concern of cheating during online exams. Proctormatic helps maintain the integrity of online exams while saving time and resources.
This solution aims to create a more fair and efficient online exam environment.



AI eye-tracking and motion detection technologies identify cheating with 99% accuracy.

They accurately capture all suspicious activities during the exam, including eye movements, improper posture, third-party intervention, prohibited items, and sounds.



Proctormatic reduces exam supervision costs by 50% while offering a fair and convenient testing environment. It is the ideal solution for educational institutions seeking both cost efficiency and quality.



The user-friendly interface allows exam administrators to set up and manage exams quickly without any issues.

Additionally, test-takers are provided with an easy-to-understand AI setup guide, enhancing the user experience even further.

Find out more about Proctormatic.

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