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Exclusive AI engine recognizes a user’s gaze,
motion, and situation in real-time


Proctormatic's core technology, the Exclusive AI engine, is a Computer Vision technology that automatically recognizes a user's gaze, posture, surrounding objects, and sounds through a standard camera.


Its automated solution has a 99% accuracy rate.


Its innovative IT technology has been recognized by Korean government agencies.

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Gaze tracking (Frontal View)

Frontal perspective gaze tracking technology extracts data such as eye direction, facial direction, and distance from the camera. This technology uses a standard RGB camera to track the user’s gaze in real-time, enabling the detection of gaze direction and focus. It can derive and apply various factors such as learning immersion, concentration, habits, and feedback.


Motion and Object Detection (Side View)

Side perspective analysis technology extracts data related to posture, surrounding objects, and sounds. This technology provides precise and stable detection, even when the face rotates to the side, surpassing other technologies.
It works seamlessly with low-resolution cameras, making it highly versatile.

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